Purchasing a Piano: A First-Time Buyers Guide

Purchasing a Piano: A First-Time Buyers Guide

These are important considerations in purchase of a piano:

1. Quality

The interior and exterior components of a piano play a big role in how well the instrument will perform. A piano with a higher quality soundboard and strings will provide improved resonance and range. The tuning ability of the piano is important to take into account as well as it can impact the longevity of the instrument. However, the exterior of the piano is important as well. No matter how well crafted the inner workings of the piano are, a poorly made cabinet will affect the sound negatively. The grade of the piano is another way to determine quality with Grade 1 being the highest.

2. Size

Generally, bigger is better! Larger pianos produce higher quality sound as the longer strings produce a smoother sound in the transitioning of registers. While it would be wonderful if all piano students could have a concert grand piano, the size of your living space should be taken into consideration. The acoustics of the piano will also be impacted by the size of the room, so that should be taken into consideration as well. Upright pianos and baby grand pianos are commonly used in learning and practicing settings, but full-sized keyboards with weighted keys are also an option for those with limited space.

3. Budget

Pricing for a piano is usually determined by the quality and size of the instrument. While a higher quality piano may be more costly, keep in mind it is also built from more durable materials leading to a longer life span. However, less costly models are also available for those with a smaller budget. Used pianos are often a great deal, but they should be thoroughly checked out for defects before purchasing by a piano technician. The piano may seem like a great deal, but if it is damaged it may be costly to repair it to good working condition.

4. Appearance

This factor may vary from person to person. Some may find the look of the piano to be very important as it can be a statement piece in a home, while others may not consider this an important detail. Pianos come in a variety of styles. Black and mahogany are popular colors as they can complement a wide variety of home decor.

5. Purpose

Is the student looking to pursue piano as a casual hobby or more of a long-term interest? Beginner students who are unsure of how much commitment they can offer may choose to opt for a medium-quality piano or one of our "Certified Pre-Owned" Pianos which are affordable.  We provide our customers with 100% Full Trade-Up Value at a later date. All of our student pianos are in good condition and have been inspected and tuned.  Our starting prices are often $500.00.  We are committed to assisting you in the purchase of a first piano and bringing music education into your home.    

Regardless of what piano you’re in the market for we recommend bringing your piano teacher along to provide guidance. Our store will have a piano technician on the premises who will assist you with your purchase.  Every piano in our showroom has been Certified to be in Good, Excellent or Like-New Condition.  We enjoy sharing our knowledge on the differences between pianos and assisting you in a purchase that is best for your unique situation.   

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