We Buy Pianos-Options to Consider When Selling Your Piano

We Buy Pianos-Options to Consider When Selling Your Piano


Options to Consider When Selling Your Piano

You have various options to consider when selling your piano.  These are some of the usual suggestions.

  1. You can try and sell your piano from your home. There are several pitfalls on this method.  You will need to be in a good location, available at all times, have the piano well prepared and in tune, and be able to answer the many questions that might come your way.  (Not recommended for security reasons). 
  2. You could look at putting the piano to auction but remember the price realized at auction will not be what you end up with. You will be responsible for the transport away, with VAT added to this price and you will be charged a hefty commission in the event of your piano selling. If it does not sell you have the cost of return transport or storage fees and more transport costs for another try at auction.
  3. Washington Pianos has a Consignment Program. We offer a no-cost Consignment Agreement wherein we Guarantee a certain amount to you at the conclusion of a sale.  No out-of-cost expenses to the seller.  We prepare the piano for sale.  We are piano technicians who specialize in the service and sale of these instruments.  Our “Certified Pre-Owned Pianos are in excellent to Like-New Condition.  Community Music Teachers love our program because every instrument is fully serviced.  We offer name-brand Yamaha, Kawai, Steinway, Baldwin and More at Affordable Prices for Students.  Each of our “Certified Pre-Owned Pianos has a 5-10 Year Warranty.  We are a full-service store with Discounted Move Services for our Customers
  1. Washington Pianos will purchase your piano from you for a Fair Market Value.  We usually pay more on Consignment if you can wait a short-duration on a sale.  (Average Time of Sale-Within 3 Months).  We buy pianos from private parties when someone needs to sell their piano quickly and prefers a simple, no consignment paperwork sale.   We love Yamaha, Kawai, Steinway, Baldwin & USA Made Pianos.  We currently do not purchase older tall uprights that are not investment grade.  They tend to require extensive work and usually not at a fair market return.  We usually can arrange for pick up of the piano within 1 week.

Pianos prepared for sale in our showroom usually sell quickly and for a higher value than private party.  It is a win-win situation for sellers and buyers.  We do not currently sell new pianos in our showroom. This ensures that we are not competing with our consignors in making a sale.  Dealers may prefer selling their new pianos over their consignments because their profit margin may be higher.  We used to be new piano dealers.  We prefer selling “Certified Pre-Owned Pianos” as they are in great condition for their students and the Community Music Teachers understand that these pianos give families a wonderful value.  We have much gratitude to our teaching community who refer these families to us.  It enables us to keep our overhead smaller and do a valued community service.